Weekly Dota leagues have been paused. I will bring back leagues for individual tournaments some time before TI8. Currently rewriting site/making improvements in scala.

What is this site?

Simple fantasy dota style game but with heroes. You buy the heroes you think are likely to be picked/banned and win in pro matches.
When this occurs you gain points.

Each league lasts a week. You can pre-purchase your team for the following week to receive full XP.

What games score points?

Every single Pro Circuit tournament, Major and Minor, is recorded and scored. This includes qualifiers (except open qualifiers)

Are there any prizes?

No physical prizes [May be added in later], however there is an reward system. You earn XP from completing achievements, as well as based upon final standings at the end of each week.

What time does League/Day rollover?

League/Day's roll over at 6AM GMT, 1AM EST, 10PM PST. Any games that start before the deadline, yet end after it are counted in the new week, not the old week.

Aren't there already fantasy dota games?

Yeah there's the official stuff, and other third party stuff.
My problem with these is being based on pro players, I have to keep track of what teams are playing on what days, who's been knocked out, which Chinese Dota players are good etc.
I find this system to be a lot easier to get into.

Why do later phase picks/bans/wins get bonus points?

This is so that people do not just instantly fill their team with the most imba-heroes who are guarantee 1st phase pick/ban
A little bit of thought has to be put in to trade-off pick-rate with bonus points for less in demand heroes

A match from a pro circuit tournament is missing!

In some rare cases, such as a game/lobby crash. A captain's mode game will be re-made as an all-pick game.

Therefore the picks/bans for this game cannot be found in the Dota 2 API

My official stance on these missing games is I will attempt to retroactively input the match and update points

However if I am on holiday or too busy, I cannot guarantee I will be able to manually update

Will you run this for other games?

I have experimented with running similar one-off tournaments for Starcraft: Brood War and PUBG. Essentially any tournaments where I am watching all the games

These one-off tournaments require a lot of effort from me (As opposed to the new DotA system which is fully automated). Therefore I will likely stick with Dota, and games with well developed API's

I want to run a fantasy league like this for my tournament

I can add a league which is separate from weekly leagues and only scores points on your tournament

So long as you provide any prizes I'm happy to do this for free.

If you want to hold it on your site or through a twitch/reddit interface I'm happy to help/advise where possible

Anything else...

Send feedback/questions to fantasydotaeu@gmail.com or discord
Source-code available here (my instructions for setting up/running are abysmal, PM me for that)


Whilst the code is all my own work, I would like to thank everyone who plays. Without any players, there's not much point in the site! Special thanks to Noxville [Idea for having 'reserves' that can be swapped into main team, which adds a really well balanced bit of strategy] and Kriger, who is active in discord channel and will often feedback on ideas/suggestions I propose.