Points are allocated in the following way:
  • Ban 1 points
  • Pick 3 points
  • Win 6 points
  • Loss -8 points

Bonus points:
  • 2nd Phase Pick/Ban/Win +1 point
  • 3rd Phase Pick/Ban/Win +3 point

  • (Picks and wins stack. A 3rd phase pick will win earn 15 points total!)

  • (Win/Loss applies to picked heroes, but not banned heroes.)
Missing heroes penalty multiplier:
  • x0.5 for every missing hero (to prevent people abusing half-empty teams of best heroes)
Weekend multiplier:
  • x2 points for Main event matches. x3 points for grand finals day!


  • Your team can consist of up to 5 dota heroes (you are not required to use all 5, but you incur a heavy percentage penalty for each missing hero).
  • You get 10 potential hero transfers to be used whenever you like throughout the tournament. There is a 1 hour delay before your mid-tournament transfers go through. This prevents abuse of transferring as drafts/games occurring.